Into the Unknown - A First Post

It's been a really long time since I've had a blog. Even then, blogging never really came naturally. So, here's to another try. Since this is just a first post, and I don't have too much to report, let's consider this a first try. 

One of the major reasons for starting my own webpage was encouragement from a number of my professors to showcase my research and work. Living and studying abroad means that I don't necessarily have the same opportunities for networking and being plugged into the academic scene in the US and, until now, in Europe. While there have been extraordinary benefits to doing my graduate work abroad, this has been the one major downside. In trying to correct that - to the degree that I can - I'm hoping that having a personal webpage will help me to improve my presence generally and also help me to connect with academics, fellow students, and interested people around the world in a way that, until now, has been difficult. 

Another major goal of this current project is to blog and post about various events happening in my academic and non-academic life. I know that my PhD research and studies are going to consume me in a way that my master's studies have not. In embarking on a PhD, I've been repeatedly warned/advised that doing research for a PhD is an exhausting, full-time pursuit. While I don't think everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for me to post something, I do feel it's worthwhile to chronicle some of the ups and downs, victories and challenges of being a PhD student. Doing this, I hope, will give others some insight into the process as they embark on their own pursuits. Additionally, for those in the field that are interested in topics related to my research, I hope that writing about my research project will be a way of sharing my work, getting feedback from others, and perhaps stirring up discussions that may help to enhance or direct my own work.

I guess, then, that rather than this being a chronicle of me and my work, I hope to see this blog become a conversation. A conversation in which various types of readers can be involved, one which may start new friendships and collaboration over research topics. Perhaps this is ambitious; but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be worth starting.